IT Strategy and Roadmap

Unclear or missing IT strategy is a common cause of the IT projects that fail to provide ROI to the organization. Anaya can work with you on your overall Business Applications strategy or can provide help with individual components of it e.g. BI strategy, mobile strategy or  application development strategy. We also deliver a short term and long term roadmap as a result of the overall strategy exercise.

Technology and Software Evaluation

Technology and or software selection is the next step after a project is approved. The right choice of the technology and software is unique to each organization and depends on its current landscape, short and long term strategy, funding and many other factors. We have experience with evaluating software choices for a variety of business process automation needs. We can deliver an objective evaluation working with your stakeholders and can make recommendations.

Preparing Business Case for IT Projects

Nothing is harder than getting management to agree to the business case for your projects and put that in front of other potential investments. We have done it working within the organization and as an outsider as well. Engage Anaya in the process and we would help you highlight objective and subjective benefits of the proposed IT investment to make a compelling business case.

"We had actually installed SAP before and now are getting the value out of it. Anaya bridged the gap  between the two of us "


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