Anaya delivered more than they had promised and actually surprised us with the additional guidance they provided to the internal team."


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​Why Choose Anaya Technologies

When you work with Anaya Technologies, you do not have to make an extra effort to communicate the "customer's point of view". You will be working closely with Anaya's management team that has seen the IT world not only through the eyes of a consultant but  has also experienced it as a customer of products and services in Information Systems area. We "connect" with our customers easily and understand their challenges better than any other IT services company out there.

​​​​​​About Us

We strive to help organizations develop the IT strategy aligned with their business, choose the right technology/ software that meets the need and execute projects efficiently.  Our focus is to get our customers maximum return on their IT investment.

OUR Approach 




Anaya Technologies is founded by the individuals who have worked in senior leadership roles in lnformation Technology groups of large organizations. It also has an advisory board consisting of IT executives who work for leading organizations in Silicon Valley.

IT strategy and roadmap is a key area of focus for Anaya. We also help organizations evaluate different software solutions and make business case for IT projects. Our License Management practice provides negotiations and license management services for software purchases.

We have a large pool of highly experienced professionals in the areas of Business Intelligence, SAP, SFDC, Web and Mobile Development. We undertake small to mid size projects and provide staff augmentation services.